An interview with Dr Adrian Ward

by Wilf Nelson | WCNeuro S2, EP 1

An interview with Dr Nick Buttrick

by Wilf Nelson | WCNeuro S2, EP 2

An interview with Dr Katrien Segaert

by Wilf Nelson | WCNeuro S2, EP 3

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Saying something is ‘neuroscience’ is equivalent to calling it ‘rocket science’. It is both an endorsement and derision at the same time. While everyone has a brain and we all spend our day thinking about what is going on in other’s heads, the actual workings of the brain and the mind are understandably impenetrable. With that being said, the brain is undeniably fascinating, it is the most complex object humanity has come across in the universe. The brain is what lets you read this sentence, it generates our understanding of the world and all the amazing things humans do to fill it.

Floating Brains

So how do we get at the brain? That is where WCNeuro throws it’s hat in the ring. Through experimental psychology and neuroscience, our knowledge of the brain grows every day, but that knowledge is at conferences and in scientific journals but when it is distilled to the mass media a certain flavour of the work is lost. What if there was a podcast where we train you to understand scientists as scientists speak?

Adrian Ward

Adrian Ward


I use methods from cognitive and social psychology, as well as insights gleaned from behavioural economics, machine learning, empirical modelling, and whatever else I can get my hands on to investigate consumer behaviour and decision-making. My work is primarily focused on: (1) how “new” technology affects the outputs of “old” cognitive systems, (2) consumer financial decision-making, and (3) flexible morality and mind-perception. 

Nick Buttrick

Nick Buttrick


Nick is a Socioecological and Cultural Psychologist with a big focus on Self-Knowledge (or the lack thereof). He previously studied monkeys and what we understand about their thought processes but not works on Implicit Cognition, Inequality and Why People Own Guns.

Katrien Segaert

Katrien Segaert


In my undergraduate years, as you will hear in this episode, I tried to pin down all the things that were required for me to understand a sentence. What could be stripped away and for language to still be language; I quickly gave up as the task was so head-spinning complex anything past the first most basic steps lead into a murky wood of dizzying terms and abstract concepts. Katrien has spent their career figuring out these questions                                                                                     

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