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I am hosting a virtual journal club this Wednesday at 11:00 AM EST time. @OlivierCodol will be presenting his recent work on the interplay between reward feedback, joint stiffness, and motor noise ( Interested? DM me and I will pass along the zoom link!

Great online journal club by @OlivierCodol on his paper with @GaleaLab .
Good initiative by our host @JCashaback

Now, I have to do some simulations ....

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The podcast is very proud to have won awards from the Centre for Human Brain Health in the UK for excellence in public engagement and science communication as well as for entrepreneurship during the Start Up Games sponsored by Santander

Start-Up Games (March 2020)

CHBH Launch Event (Sept 2019)

Heart of Brum (Sept 2019)

Lapworth lates

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