ABTAB S1, EP3 – Asch Conformity

If you were presented with the unbelievable truth that the sky is red not blue how long would it take for you to give in and agree? Common thinking says never, the sky is blue, that is the way it works but psychology says different. Asch’s seminal works on conformity showed us exactly how malleable the mind can be and presented with everyone saying that white is black our dedication to the truth gets ‘fuzzy’. It gets even worse when there are no true answers to questions and only personal leanings and philosophical answers to tell us what we should do. This episode of ABTAB goes into the human mind and conformity, what does it take to make us get into line and what can be done to find those who will stand up for truth no matter what?


ABTAB S1, EP3 – Asch Conformity
A Brain Talking About a Brain

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