ABTAB S1, EP4 – Imposter syndrome

The world is becoming increasingly complex. The inner workings of a microwave are just unknown to the vast, vast majority of the world. We trust in those more qualified or more specialised than ourselves to take care of us. However, when we look at those who hold the highest positions of power, influence and education in our society we come across Imposter Syndrome. Imposter Syndrome is the belief that no matter how formally trained or qualified you are for the position you are in you are a fraud and everyone is moments away from finding out. The smartest and most talented of our society can be overcome with a fear of being found out, of being told they aren’t as good as they are. The history of Imposter syndrome is fascinating with a tour through its effects (or lack of) to different genders, races and backgrounds and looking into how Imposter Syndrome effects so many high performing people, but in lots of different ways.


ABTAB S1, EP4 – Imposter syndrome
A Brain Talking About a Brain

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