ABTAB S1, EP5 – Google Effect

Human beings and technology have always had a history together; from the first spear or hatchet our species has its identity firmly grounded as tool makers. Tools take so many forms it can be difficult to realise exactly how many surround us each day and yet in amongst the millions of tools that we interact with over our lives the internet and computers seem to hold a unique place. Where a national library and a smartphone have access to the same wealth of information the immediacy of that information becomes all the more apparent with a phone. When you are holding a phone you hold the sum of human knowledge in your hands, and apparently that is a bad thing. Every day there are new calls that the internet age is corrupting and damaging our minds. Is this true? What does the evidence say?
In this episode of A Brain Talking about Brains we delve into our minds and technology. How does the internet and computers measure up to the technology we’ve been using for thousands of years? What exactly is so different about a glass faced box I can hold in my hand? Also look out for WCNeuro season 2 where expert on technology and mind, Adrian Ward, gives an in-depth interview on this topic, coming out early 2020.


ABTAB S1, EP5 – Google Effect
A Brain Talking About a Brain

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