WCNeuro S1, EP1 – Children and Creativity with Dr Sarah Beck

We have all seen children conjure up amazing worlds and imagine themselves knights slaying dragons or astronauts or movie stars with millions of adoring fans. The images they can pluck out of thin air and turn into mindscapes as real to them as this webpage is to you is fascinating and a quintessential part of childhood according to many. But how impressive is that scope of imagination really? Could a child pluck out something never before seen or heard of or are they really more just great at jumbling together scraps from their experiences and creating new wonderful being to play with and strive against during playtime?

Well this episode Dr Sarah Beck dives into the nature of childhood imagination. We discuss how children express creativity and how it differs from adults but we also go deeper. The field of ‘comparative psychology’ is the study of humanity compared to other animals and they how they achieve cognition. This means we have the entire animal kingdom to compare ourselves against and Sarah’s research dives into the rate at which children can imagine solutions to tasks compared to crows which are surprisingly intelligent.

Listen for more to find out about childhood, creativity and its growth throughout our lifetimes

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