WCNeuro S1, EP2 – Animal Psychology with Dr Jackie Chappell

While we have the most impressive cognitive system we have seen and the brain is arguably the most complex object in the known universe, with so many connections and neurons the Milky Way would need twice as many planets and stars to match it, it is not the only brain on the planet. Nearly all animals have some form of nervous system and many do show awareness of their surroundings and the ability to plan and shape the world to their needs. While obviously not as advanced as humanity who have altered every place we have ever come across animals do show a remarkable amount of varying cognitive abilities and yet it is only one of hundreds of fields in the mega subject known as ‘Psychology’.
An interview with Dr Jackie Chappell dives into her intensive experience with animal cognition from insects to mammals and birds showing how each evolutionary line has found different ways to have enough brain power to survive the world around them. We learn that one line of evolution is way, way smarter than you would imagine and even the tiniest creatures we see can have an amazing level of thinking behind their decisions. This episode also includes an interview on the world famous Betty the Crow experiment which showed one of the first spontaneous occurrences of avian invention.
Listen for more to find out about how animals think and how we even define intelligence.
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