WCNeuro S1, EP3 – Ape Psychology with Dr Damien Neadle

The Cambridge Dictionary defines culture as “the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time:” It is easy to see how this pertains to any group of people at any time, even our most ancient ancestors had cave drawings and stories from times of being huddled in dark caves scared of the monsters outside and with no idea of the discovery of fire that was to come. It could also mean animals if you apply the most rigorous logic to it even the most basic of animals. In an interview with PhD researcher Damien Neadle we discuss apes and how culture works for them. Despite what most people believe apes do have culture in their everyday life, but it is a very different kind to culture to ours. Apes do not share information in the same way we do, they do not teach in the same way we do, and each new generation of apes can be as devastating as a hard reset for their culture.
Want to know in what way? Well tune in as we look into how our closest relatives on the evolutionary tree handle the most important part of our lives, culture.
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Tags: animals, apes, monkeys, psychology, comparative psychology, Damien Neadle, culture