WCNeuro S1, EP6 – A crash course in Electroencephalography with Dr Stephen Mayhew

EEG or electroencephalography was one of the first neuroimaging techniques. Used as a technique in research for around a century EEG was fundamental in building our knowledge over the 20th century on the brain’s electrical behaviour and how it transmits information across the different parts of the brain on a millisecond timescale. With those praises being said EEG has some incredible flaws which have pushed the field of neuroscience to look for better and better methods to use in the lab. Yet here we are in the early 21st century and no neuroimaging lab would be complete without an EEG kit ready to be used.
We bring back neuroimaging expert Dr Stephen Mayhew to explain how the brain’s structure even allows for EEG to be possible, we go over what it does and how it works. We also have a special segment at the end on the future of neuroimaging where more advanced techniques called magnetoencephalogry and optical
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