WCNeuro S1, EP7 – Psychopaths debunked with Dr Stephane de Brito

Of all the clinical disorders in the world none is more famous than psychopathy. They are a perfect stock villain for movies capable of being an unfeeling thug, a sadistic serial killer or Machiavellian mastermind all on a writer’s whim. How close does that get to the actual reality? Popular culture has plenty to say about psychopaths with movies, tv shows, documentaries and plenty of books which tell you all you would ever want to know but have you ever listened to a bona fide expert cut through the myths? This episode brings psychopathy expert Stephane de Brito to the microphone to go through the myths and realities of psychopaths. We also go into how psychopathy cannot be seen in children nor how merely being anti-social to the point of violence is enough either. Want to know more, then download and get ready for psychology on psychopathy and conduct disorder. This episode even ends with a grisly tale.
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