WCNeuro S1, EP8 – Sleep with Dr Andrew Bagshaw

As humans we sleep for over a third of our time which comes to a third of our lifetime and yet this episode’s guest estimates we are still a few hundred years off having a complete understanding of what our brain doing while we are sleeping. We aren’t even talking about dreams here but just the biological functions our brain does when it is resting. You see the brain never truly rests, it always active but during sleep, and the stages of sleep, we find the brain does a great deal of housekeeping but ultimately the precise nature is tricky to unfold.
In this interview we go through how disturbing sleep effects us, can electronic disturb sleep, how our brain works in different ways under sleeping conditions and also how your sleeping preferences effect your day to day life. If you just want the science without a whole sleep program being subscribed to you then downloading this episode is a smart move.
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