Think Fast S1, EP7 – The twinkling stars of the brain with Ashley Ingiosi

Sleep is a deep and rich topic in Psychology and Neuroscience because while it doesn’t have the flashiness of ‘what is consciousness’ it is still a state that we occupy for around a third of lives and yet we understand very little of. In this episode we are not talking about what the neurons do but instead we are talking about the rest of the cells in the brain, the glial and specifically astroctyes, and what their role in sleep is. The glial have been called the life support system of the brain and since sleep is so restorative to our brains it would make sense that the life support system has some major roles to play in keeping our brain healthy. While this is all true our guest today is talking about how it is not only the neurons that have something to do with the brain’s functioning during sleep. It is time to dive in and Think Fast.