WCNeuro S1, EP10 – Rewriting memories with Dr Joff Lee

To possess a memory is simply part of having a mind. We may not be able to hold onto many memories for very long, keys being particularly impressive at avoiding our recollection, but we are forming memories all the time. Memories however are best understood, according to this guest, from an evolutionary perspective with a focus on how they help us survive. That means many things we care about day to day like if a memory is true don’t really matter, all that matters is if the memory helped you get through another day. This unusual and interesting idea is explored heavily in this episode with memory creation and memory rewriting expert Joff Lee. We go into this research on rats and the nature of more chemical neuroscience that we have previously gone into onto this most recent work with humans where impressive findings on how to rewrite memories on the fly are being moved over to us.
There is also an excellent discussion on how applicable any findings you hear in the news on animals are to humans and how long moving from finding from rodents to humans can take. Definitely tune in if like us here at WCNeuro you keep wondering when all those advancements in laboratory mice are going to be seen when you next book a doctor’s appointment.

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Tags: memory, learning, rats, neuroscience, consolidation, reconsolidation, relearning, Joff Lee