WCNeuro S2, EP3 – Language and Ageing with Dr Katrien Segaert

In my undergraduate years, as you will hear in this episode, I tried to pin down all the things that were required for me to understand a sentence. What could be stripped away and for language to still be language; I quickly gave up as the task was so head-spinning complex anything past the first most basic steps lead into a murky wood of dizzying terms and abstract concepts. The guest for this episode, Katrien Segaert, has spent their career figuring out these questions. This episode starts to break down what language is and how we can research it on the brain’s own terms. We also find out that how we use language changes as we get older, for better and worse, and this episode gives us a peek into the huge world of ‘healthy ageing’ where we try to understand what happens to the brain as we get older without any other diseases or injuries getting in the way.