WCNeuro S2, EP8 – Mapping the Brain with Dr Mehraveh Salehi

The brain consists of anywhere up to 100 billion neurons, to be honest, no one really knows exactly how many, and part of the mystery of the brain is many does it use its vast supply of neurons to achieve different parts of cognition i.e. looking at something, listening to something, remembering thing etc. Is it that our brains are like engines with set pieces that do set things? Or maybe they are like computers with some parts that only do certain things, but other regions can be a lot more e.g. a fan vs a motherboard? Or maybe our brains are like Lego sets where you can rearrange them in any way you want? The other, very likely possibility is that it is none of those and our brains are so complex they only thing that equates to them is themselves. But that doesn’t mean we should give up in trying to understand how they work. This episode presents the ground-breaking research of Mehraveh Salehi that shows how pinning down the brain to one set roadmap might not be the right way to look at it.