WCNeuro S3, EP9 – Psychosis and schizophrenia part one with Professor Gary Donohoe

To finish off this series on the biochemistry of the brain, as sponsored by the Biochemical Society in the UK, we are doing a miniseries on the biochemistry behind psychosis and schizophrenia. Many people believe that hallucinating and having delusions is all there is to schizophrenia, in fact that is the definition of psychosis. Schizophrenia is much more complicated disorder with hallucinations and delusions but also changes in mood, personality, cognitive abilities and more. Gary Donohue is both a psychiatrist who helps patients in psychiatric wards and also a neuroscientist trying to understand what is happening in the neurons of those with schizophrenia. We also talk about what the modern approaches to supporting recovering schizophrenia patients are.