Since 2012, BrainFx Assessments have helped researchers, scientists, and healthcare professionals conduct cutting-edge research and understand the early and subtle effects of brain disorders of all types on a person’s ability to function in real life. Designed to make the invisible effects of brain disorders VISIBLE, the groundbreaking digital neurofunctional assessments detect what other cognitive tests can miss.

With over 180,000,000 data points in a dynamic normative database called the Living Brain Bank™, BrainFx Assessments are used by world-class research and clinical partners, such as the Mayo Clinic, York University, University of Alberta and the Center for Aging + Brain Health Innovation, to drive novel insights and develop innovative clinical solutions for conditions affecting neurofunction like Long-COVID, chemo brain, PTSD in active military personnel and veterans, brain injury, neurodegenerative disorders, and much more.

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The podcast is very proud to have won awards from the Centre for Human Brain Health in the UK for excellence in public engagement and science communication as well as for entrepreneurship during the Start-Up Games sponsored by Santander