It was a great pleasure to be interviewed by you. You really have a great way of conveying complicated stuff in a very accessible way.

Per Borghammer

Clinical Professor, The Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University

I had a great time on the show and enjoyed talking about my work for a different audience. Wilf is a great interviewer, he asks insightful questions, and in some ways, he did a better job explaining my research than I did.

Alan Jern

Associate Professor of Psychology, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

It was fun to participate because it allowed me to explain certain aspects of my lab’s research on translational mechanisms of fear memory that are often underlooked.

Raul Andero Gali

ICREA Research Professor, Andero Lab, The Autonomous University of Barcelona

It was a great pleasure to participate in the WaterCooler Neuroscience podcast. The interview was thought-provoking and overall a deeply enjoyable experience.

Zachary Freyberg

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Cell Biology, Departments of Psychiatry and Cell Biology, University of Pittsburgh

This is an outstanding and relatively easy to understand description of our research. I highly recommend it

Bryan Roth

Michael Hooker Distinguished Professor, Director of the NIMH Psychoactive Drug Screening Program, UNC School of Medicine

I had a great time being part of WaterCooler Neuroscience. Wilf was a great host, who was actively interested in hearing about my science. I highly recommend you listen, Wilf’s ability to break down complex topics into digestible content is rare in the podcast field.

James Kesby

UQ Amplify Fellow, Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland

It was a great pleasure to be interviewed for WaterCooler Neuroscience. We managed to chat about complex cognitive and neuroscience issues of face and object processing, but did so with remarkable simplicity and clarity! Communicating science is hard, but Wilf did it! Thanks, and I hope we can chat again soon.

Jorge Almeida

Associate Professor, Proaction Lab, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Wilf demonstrates great ability to get through to the deep points of a topic while maintaining an engaging conversation. It’s great to talk to someone who is both knowledgeable and excited about your topic. In most popular media reports and not a few scholarly reviews, there’s the sense that others don’t really get the intricacies of science, or get all too easily wrapped up in the headline materials and scoring points. If the topic is your life’s work, you don’t want it to be constantly dumbed down to ‘elevator speeches. Of course, I’m not saying no to a TED talk, but this is a completely different approach that gives full credence to the audience’s intelligence.

Michiel Spape

Docent in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Helsinki

The podcast is a great way to disseminate science, and Wilf provides a fun opportunity to share information about your work in a relaxed and accessible way.

Bethany Teachman

Professor of Psychology, Director of Clinical Training, PACT Lab, UVA