Think Fast – Season One

In release order, oldest at the bottom

Why do smells create such powerful memories with Dr Christina Zelano

Think Fast S2, EP19

How to build a brain with Dr Robert Carrillo

Think Fast S2, EP18

Psychopaths want to live forever with Dr Michael Laakasuo

Think Fast S2, EP17

How to study capillaries smaller than a millimetre in the brain with Andy Shih

Think Fast S2, EP16

The effects of long-term anaesthesia on cognition with Michael Wenzel

Think Fast S2, EP15

Brain’s warehouse of faces with Jorge Almeida

Think Fast S2, EP14

How to study epilepsy with maths with Jen Creaser

Think Fast S2, EP13

How to make a lab with Dr Rafiq Huda

Think Fast S2, EP12

Why some people always order the same thing at a restaurant with Dr Michael J Frank

Think Fast S2, EP11

How do we mind wander with Dr Julia Kam

Think Fast S2, EP10

AI on psychedelics with Dr Nikolaus Kriegeskorte

Think Fast S2, EP9

AI and Romance with Dr Paul Eastwick Part 2

Think Fast S2, EP8

AI and Romance with Dr Paul Eastwick Part 1

Think Fast S2, EP7

How relationships change and end according to a psychologist with Dr Nicole Barbaro

Think Fast S2, EP6

Psychology meets romance with Dr Nicole Barbaro

Think Fast S2, EP5

Psychiatric care in the US, a brief introduction with Awais Aftab

Think Fast S2, EP4

Parkinsons in your gut with Prof. Per Borghammer

Think Fast S2, EP3

Why do children bring the law with Meltem Yucel

Think Fast S2, EP2

Getting into each other’s minds with Dr Alan Jern

Think Fast E2, EP1