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We've been busy recently making some video walkthroughs of our research. Check them out here https://jencooklab.com/code-2 and here https://osf.io/axg8q/


Watch out for tomorrow's episode of ThinkFast episode, @AndyShih_Lab will be joining our host to talk about 2-photon microscopy, an exciting new technique used in animal research!

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🔬🥼ThinkFast: Academia and Industry is back!🥼🔬

Our guest for our new episode is Jordana Adler and we’ll be talking about what its like to work at a Neurofeedback lab!

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Make sure to check out this weeks's ThinkFast Episode with Dr. @Maikl_Wenzel, out now!! We spend time discussing his research into the effects of long-term anaesthesia on cognition... 🧠💉

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*Episode name correction

In tomorrow's episode of ThinkFast we'll be joined by @Maikl_wenzel. We'll be looking at consciousness and the effects on the brain of long term administration of anaesthetics...

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Interested in a career in #neuroscience? Listen to @analog_ashley as she talks with @WCNeuro #podcast about SO YOU WANT TO BE A NEUROSCIENTIST? and the undergraduate, graduate and post-doc experiences that lead to careers in neuroscience: https://buff.ly/3fJhUFW

Neuroscientist @DrDamienFair discusses how brain imaging is used to explore ways to better characterize developmental brain disorders like #autism and ADHD. #autismawarenessmonth

Seen a lot of #phdchat about career options recently. Look at @ThinkAheadSheff’s 120+ blog series on succeeding in careers beyond academia post-PhD for inspiration. https://thinkaheadsheffield.wordpress.com/category/careers-beyond-academia-sheffvista/

In tomorrow's ThinkFast episode Dr. Jorje Almeida will be on to talk to us about how facial processing and how we can learn from conditions which impair our ability to perceive them! #scicomm #psychology #ad #PodcastRecommendations

Looking for some cool neuroscience research to read this morning?

Check out this 2020 MIT News piece on a new method that lets scientists visualize up to 5 different types of signaling molecules at once within a single cell. 🧠


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What are models of the ‘self in context’, and how might they link physical and mental health?

See this new Perspective by @LeonieKoban, Peter @PGianoros, Hedy Kober and @torwager


🚨BIG NEWS🚨 On Monday we have for you guys a WCNeuro special episode for @analog_ashley and her book 'So you want to be a neuroscientist'! Episode links will be posted on the day #podcast #scicomm #neurotwitter #AcademicChatter

Lookout for tomorrows ThinkFast episode with @JenCreaser! She'll be talking to us about how she uses maths to understand epilepsy. What can maths show us that other fields which other fields can't?
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