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Hi listeners!
Wilf Nelson has just completed his thesis so is taking a short break to complete his PhD 🙌 We'll be back with new eps in October... For now, if you'd like to share any topics are particularly interesting or important, message us at http://www.watercoolerneuroscience.co.uk

🥼🔬This week's ThinkFast: Academia and Industry episode is ready to listen to!

Thank you so much @BimalLakhani for speaking with us!!

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🥼🔬Hope you're enjoying Academia and Industry so far!
Tomorrow, post doc researcher Dr. Bimal Lakhani will be on discussing his experience moving from universities to a corporate lab.

We cover his research and skills developed since 'going corporate'
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"While universities should offer more training opportunities for faculty and graduate students, we also need designated science communicators who can bridge the gap between academics and the public." #scicomm https://www.insidehighered.com/blogs/rethinking-research/why-i-left-academe-become-science-communicator?utm_source=Inside+Higher+Ed&utm_campaign=717630df08-DNU_2021_COPY_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_1fcbc04421-717630df08-236372426&mc_cid=717630df08&mc_eid=a1287fbe03

🥼🔬Hope you enjoyed last week's ThinkFast: Academia and Industry episode!

Pt2 of Mohammed Ali's interview is up, looking at the similarities between business and scientific mindsets I  terms of idea development, as well as the benefits of private funding...


🚨September kicks off the return of our ThinkFast mini series- Academia and Industry!

Tomorrow's ep is pt1 of Mohammed Ali's interview. He's an expert in helping scientists take their research and ideas from the lab into corporate ventures.

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🧠💬New ep of BTAB is up!!

Continuing also the path of introspection, Wilf and Jordana are discussing consciousness this week - more specifically how it's perceived in animals...

Listen on Apple, Spotify and Stitcher!

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This week's ThinkFast episode on prosthetics and AI is now up, with clips from our WCNeuro interview with Dr. Giulio Rognini!

Just check all our usual platforms!

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Watch out for tomorrow's episode of ThinkFast, with clips from Wilfs interview with Dr. Giulio Rognini about his work with prosthetics and new technologies have helped to improve their usefulness for amputees.

Links will be out tomorrow!

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🧠⚡️This weeks TF episode is out and ready to listen to!

The episode forms the final part of shorts from the WCNeuroscience series, discussing mental effort and human’s cognitive limits with Dr. Sebastian Musslick, and reward with Michael J. Frank!

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🧠💬This week’s ep of Brains Talking About Brains is up and ready to listen to!

Jordana and Wilf discuss the free will debate, and Neuroscience’s place in the debate. How could we even possibly begin to quantify something like that?

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@yourPhDpal @PhDVoice @PhD_Genie Great idea! @PapaPhDPodcast is on all podcast platforms and also on YT 😀 sharing PhD and post-PhD career stories and advice in English and French 😊


🧠⚡️Watch out for tthis weeks ThinkFast ep out tomorrow!

We have more shorts from the WCNeuro series, with clips from Dr. John Dylan Haynes on AI and the definition of intelligence, and from Dr. Michael J Frank about PD and motivation!

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🧠💬In today’s new BTAB episode, Jordana and Wilf discuss findings from a review paper on executive function development in children (Koziol & Lutz, 2013).

The episode is up on all the usual platforms!

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This week's TF episode is up!

This week, we have shorts from the WCNeuro series, covering the neuroscientific study of subliminal and subliminal messaging and how at times headlines of scientific studies should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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🧠💬 This week’s episode of BTAB is now up and ready to listen to!

Jordana and Wilf are discussing a complex paper on the hippocampus’ role in our short term memory. How does our memory help us to create a picture of our environment?

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