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🔬🥼New Think Fast: Academia and Industry ep 🥼🔬
We’re joined by @theshauning, senior R&D at HealthTech Connex to give his unique take on the conversation. He took on his PhD with the intention of moving to industry. Make sure to listen #scicomm #podcast #neuroscience #ad

Amyloid plaques can cling to newly developed bowl-shaped nanoparticles. The findings provide a new way to study the Alzheimer's related plaques and provides novel treatment options for dementia.

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The culture of overwork will have you feeling so guilty for taking time to rest that you're neither resting nor working, you're in overworked unrestful limbo

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's ThinkFast episode! Huge thanks to @NicoleBarbaro and @PaulEastwick for discussing your work with us! It was interesting to consider relationships from an evolutionary + AI perspective, at times it got really clinical 😄. #ad #scicomm #pscyhology

Pt2 of Dr. @PaulEastwick's interview is live! Today's episode is on compatibility, and we look at how Paul's research challenges the current idea of what it means, as well as its importance. Does compatibility matter at the start of relationships? #podcast #pscyhology #scicomm

Keep an eye out for tomorrow's new ThinkFast episode! We'll be releasing pt2 of our chat with Dr. Paul Eastwick on compatibility. This time we'll be looking at dating apps and questionnaires and why, according to Pauls research, they just don't work.
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Migraine sufferers who embarked on two-and-a-half hours of moderate to vigorous exercise per week reported a significant decline in their migraine triggers, including stress, depression, and sleep problems.

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Hope you're enjoying our academia and industry series with @healthtechHTC! We look forward to sharing new episodes with you from next Monday. In the meantime, you can find previous episodes on our website!
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Enjoyed yesterday's episode? We'll be back next week Thursday for part 2 of our chat with Dr. Paul Eastwick on AI and relationships. Have a great weekend! #podcast #pscyhology #neuroscience #scicomm

Those who score higher on the personality trait of conscientiousness tend to live longer because their immune systems have lower levels of interleukin-6.

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On todays TF @PaulEastwick discusses AI/ machine learning to study the start of relationships and compatibility. This is a notoriously difficult area of research given the sheer amount of data and variables to consider. Make sure to listen in! #podcast #psychology #scicomm #ad

In tomorrow’s ThinkFast episode, @PaulEastwick will be talking about his use of AI to study how relationships start and what makes people ‘compatible’ #scicomm #neuroscience #psychology #podcast

The ultimate pancake recipe for today - brought to you by AI. No, this isn't psychology but pancakes are important too
https://www.monolithai.com/post/pancaike-day-and-machine-learning #scicomm

say The Daily Mail & The Times

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full story on our website:

our summary in thread 👇

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New article: "Children Persist Less When Adults Take Over."
Correlational and experimental evidence. By @julia_a_leonard et al.


Apply for a 1-year Postdoc in the Lab for Scalable Mental Health!

Application review begins 03/12/2021. Email with any questions [jessica [dot] schleider [at] stonybrook [dot] edu] — and please share widely!

https://stonybrooku.taleo.net/careersection/jobdetail.ftl?job=2100388&lang=en#.YCa97GwF0ts.twitter https://twitter.com/JSchleiderPhD/status/1357440694814703618

Dr. Jessica Schleider@JSchleiderPhD

We are overwhelmed with data, so I'll be recruiting for a 1-year postdoc. Start date flex, WFH possible.

MAIN TASKS: data analysis, writing papers & grants, collaborating w a great team.

Will 100% help you write an F/K if you'd like.

Official post soon—reach out if interested!

Today’s TF: Academia and Industry we continue our chat with @RcnDarcy on some of the perceived barriers that exist when moving from academia to industry. We also talk profit making its reputation in academica. Is it bad that CEOs want to make money?#podcast #scicomm #phdchat #ad

Hope you enjoyed yesterdays episode! Next week Monday, we continue with our series ThinkFast: Academia and Industry, discussing the hurdles that some face when making the transition. Head to our website if you missed episode 1! Have a great weekend #psychology #scicomm #ad

Today’s TF ep wraps up our chat with @NicoleBarbaro on psychology's view of romance and relationships. We discuss commitment and separation anxiety whilst looking at gender and sex differences in the data. Do the memes measure up to the numbers? #psychology #podcast #scicomm

'How many colours can you see?' I've seen yet another optical 'illusion' trending and everyone has different answers. Check out this article on how it works!

Experimental psychology and neuroscience teaches us so much about the brain. At @WCNeuro we take cutting edge research from journals and conferences and help our listeners understand the science speak. Hopefully we can inspire you along the way #scicomm #Podcast #neuroscience

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