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Our new episode with @nm_yucel is out today on children and their moral behaviour. Check it out on your favourite podcasting app or our website http://www.watercoolerneuroscience.co.uk #podcast #psychology #WCNeuro

The human visual cortex generates an echo in the gamma band (akin to VanRullen's perceptual echo in the alpha band). MEG results + a physiologically plausible PING model:

New post-doc position to develop novel models of large-scale brain dynamics, and use these to uncover brain activity causing OCD

Exciting opportunity to work with @LucaCocchi78 @pausanzleon @AndrewZalesky Leonardo Fontenelle + James Roberts


Tomorrow's episode is with @nm_yucel on her research into why children 'tell' or 'taddle' on each other. Do children do it because they believe in moral ideals or simply to get rewards and avoid punishment? #psychology #podcast #WCNeuro

What does the research show about brief educational interventions?

-Both observational and experimental studies are, on average, underpowered

-Effect sizes in trials are small

-Generalizability is poor


Check out Alan Jern's episode released yesterday. It can be found here https://apple.co/39BVlzD, https://spoti.fi/37uc5X4, https://bit.ly/2JByQQy and Alan and I work through how his research explains the rules we use for understanding other people. #podcast #psychology

Today's episode is with @alanjern on his work into understanding how humans understand social situations and what rules we do and do not use when we try to navigate the world.
https://apple.co/39BVlzD, https://spoti.fi/37uc5X4, https://bit.ly/2JByQQy
#podcast #psychology

Later this year look out for my new series on AI and neuroscience. Many labs around the world use AI and none of those AI are aware, they aren't really more advanced that a search engine algorithm. What is going on where we have AI but it isn't what we see in the movies? #podcast

In February wa new mini series is coming out which will look at what happens to the 98% of postgraduate students who move in the private and corporate setting. What is it like? How does scientific creativity mesh with corporate needs? #podcast #neuroscience #WCN #psychology

Happy New Year. In 2021 WCN will be creating series on AI and Neuroscience, how do you study consciousness and what happens to all the university-trained scientists that leave for the wider private research world? Keep yourself posted and follow WCN. #podcast #neuroscience #WCN

Signing off for the Christmas break here in the UK, we hope you enjoy the rebroadcasts we have posted on http://www.watercoolerneuroscience.co.uk and have a nice end of year. #podcast #psychology #Science #WCNeuro

Tomorrow episode is a rebroadcast of @AndrewBagshaw4, reader and researcher into sleep @TheCHBH. THis was one of the most popular episodes of the first season and with the show now going full time I am doing a nostalgic look back #podcasts #scicomm #sleep

We enjoyed an excellent workshop by Stephanie Jones on modelling neuronal oscillations using the Human Neocortical Neuro https://neuosc.com/workshop-by-stephanie-jones-on-the-human-neocortical-neuro/

Tomorrow: Online seminar by Prof Xinyu Zhao on "Targeting stem cells for neurodevelopmental disorders", hosted by Seaver Autism Center | #bot⚡ https://www.world-wide.org/seminar/1347

This week I am reflecting on being a full-time podcaster, a sentence which 2016 me didn't consider. To end this year we are rebroadcasting three @WCNeuro episodes I want to highlight again, these are episodes we've had the most discussion about, enjoy #podcast #psychology

As we reach midway in December it is now time for @WCNeuro to start winding down production, I've made a lot of content for next year, in January it is time to start producing and editing so you can see all the excellent conversations I've had over November and December #podcast

Check out our latest episode with Toby Pasman from Roscoe's Wetsuit Neuro podcast. We talk about his experience both in academic and corporate labs, how different are they really? #podcast #neuroscience #AcademicFreeze

The other day I got to interview Emilie Caspar about her work in my we feel in control of our bodies, how does that come about and what can disrupt her. She isn't a psychiatrist but a social neuroscientist understanding how our social context alters how our brains function

Today I got to interview Emilie Caspar to discuss her work into the sense of agency and how it makes up our conscious experience. We almost always feel like we are in control and she talked to me about how that works #podcast #Neurosciences #Science

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